The Original Cottage
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The Cottage in Rimforest has long been considered one of the best local's restaurants. I've eaten there for 14 years. Their scampi Linguini has inspired Carol to go home and make a recipe of her own. (I won't say which is better.) We just never went to the Cottage as a group, because the place was considered to be too small. Well, small it is, but the owner can seat us across three or four tables and booths, and that seems to be working.

Please join us for dinner at The Original Cottage at 6 pm, on Wednesday May 2, 2018.

They are located at 26545 Highway 18, Rim Forest, CA 92378. A map is shown below.
The Original Cottage was not in our last restaurant poll, because it had closed. It has since been purchased by a new owner, and re-opened with the same title and same menu as before. There are probably several of us who would like to go try the latest edition of the Cottage, to see how the new version compares to our memory of the old. For the sake of adventure, let's go try the (new) Original Cottage.

Their phone number is now 909-744-9808.