1. MSO is a non-profit organization. Any surplus of funds must either be applied to future MSO activities, or returned to the source. MSO is free to members, with no strings attached. Your costs are usually buying food and entertainment directly from establishments. We prefer to not handle money at all: Members buy their own movie tickets. MSO does not have a financial stake in any of the vendors we use.

2. We can't not talk about politics and religion, because it is woven through us. But learn from one another, and don't lock horns. MSO is officially neutral on issues of the day.

3. Members must be age 21 or older. Family, kids, and friends of members are welcome at age-appropriate events such as picnics and fishing trips.

4. Our demographic focus is singles, meaning widowed, divorced, separated, or never married. But we are not exclusive. Committed couples and marrieds are welcome at MSO events. Just don't mislead others regarding availability for relationships.

5. MSO is primarily for the residential area from Crestline to Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, and points between. We are the only local singles organization. Singles who live outside the area, and are willing to make the effort to get here, are welcome.

6. MSO, its members, contributors, and volunteer organizers assume no liability arising from your participation in any of the MSO activities. You fully assume your own liability, and hold MSO harmless from your participation. Your being here signifies that you are fully capable of doing so without risk to yourself or others.

7. There is no warranty of any kind offered by MSO and its members. We are not a match-making service. We cannot repair past relationships. Volunteer organizers are not expected to reimburse participant expenses for an event that turned out poorly. There is no representation of professional accreditation for counseling.

8. MSO is not responsible for actions of members beyond its ability to control them.

9. We all agree to abide by area, state, and federal laws and covenants. You may not carry illegal items or substances at MSO functions, or engage in illegal activity.

10. Be careful regarding the privacy of members’ information. We occasionally reveal contact information for event organizers and hosts. We do not distribute a list of members with their contact information, nor do we post biographies. You are free to trade phone numbers among yourselves. We strive to maintain member privacy, but do not guarantee it.

11. Members who don’t need rules are welcome. Your public comport is to be consistent with expectations of the local community. When on someone else’s property, you are a guest, and are subject to house rules. Decorum and respect for others is required.

12. It is normal to talk about one's livelihood, and even business network among friends. It is not OK to spam the membership.

13. It is normal to look around for potential relationships, and occasionally ask for a date. But keep it age-appropriate, under the radar, and accept no for an answer.

14. MSO reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership, entirely at its own discretion, and without stating reasons.

15. We may record events or leave the security cameras on.
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